Peer review

The function of peer review is the objective scientific evaluation and improvement of your manuscript. We apply double-blind peer review, in which the reviewers do not know that you are the author of the article, and you don’t know who the reviewers are either. This method guarantees an unbiased review process.

Both the authors and the reviewers can request the editor for an open method, where all the participants reveal their identity to the others. Upon unanimous agreement, the editor initiates this protocol, which usually strengthens the cooperative and constructive aspects of the process.

We follow the COPE guidance on review ethics, and we expect the same from authors and reviewers also.

The review process. The editor finds and asks two experts on the topic of the manuscript. They can express their opinions on double-blind and open peer review. Based on their opinion and your statement in the cover letter, the editor initiates the appropriate peer review process. In the case of an open review, the authors and peers communicate directly with each other, under the editor’s supervision.

In the first round, the reviewers read and comment on the manuscript, and give a report with one of the following conclusions:

  • the manuscript can be accepted without modification
  • the manuscript can be accepted with minor modifications
  • the manuscript can be accepted with major modifications
  • the manuscript should be rejected

The editor considers the reviewers’ reports and decides about acceptance. The editorial decision and the reviewers’ reports will be shared with you. If the manuscript is accepted, You will have the opportunity to amend your manuscript, react to the reviewers, and resubmit your work. If the amended second version is accepted, this stage of the process is complete, your ’accepted manuscript’ or ’postprint’ is ready for production. The editor also can open another round of review.

We are looking for peer reviewers. Reviewing is a time-consuming task, but advantageous for every participant. The authors gain valuable feedback on their writing. The journal can publish trustworthy papers with high standards, which is welcomed by the readers too.

As a peer reviewer, you can keep up with the latest research in your field, and improve your writing. You can play a vital part in advancing the research on your area of interest, and you can boost your career as an acknowledged reviewer in your academic community.

If you are interested, please contact us.